Innovative Ways to Stay in the Loop with Cyber Security Trends

Innovative Ways to Stay in the Loop with Cyber Security Trends

This blog contains a handful of intelligent ways to stay on top of modern cyber security trends.

The cyber-world is growing and expanding quicker than it has before, with technological breakthroughs happening more often than one person could keep track of. Keeping up with any emerging technologies can feel like a very difficult task, especially when it comes down to distinguishing which trends are fads, depending on which ones are here to stay. It is a smart idea for both tech and non-tech organizations as well. Read on for a handful of intelligent ways to stay on top of modern cyber security trends.

Know Your Organization’s Vulnerabilities

It is necessary to consistently identify each of your organization’s weaknesses and which technologies are relevant to each of your services. Keeping track of any security advisories is an easy way to know if you must update your technology and prevent the organization from being exploited. If you need help in figuring out what your organization’s vulnerabilities are, get in touch with En-Net Services. Our team can help troubleshoot and assess which areas you will need legitimate cyber protection.

Embracing Social Media for Cyber Security Trends

Social media may be a bit of a controversial source for your news, but what has made it so popular might make your life easier for keeping up with all cyber technology trends. Not only is social media easy to use and relatively straightforward, but its algorithms are personalized, so you are able to see any timely content that is relevant to your interests and engagement, too. You could use tools to help customize your feeds based on your user preferences, so cyber security needs are shown at the top of your feed. Follow Twitter (or X as it is known now), Facebook, or LinkedIn feeds of cybersecurity experts to receive convenient and digestible information about different trends in the cybersecurity world. Who better to identify industry trends than industry experts themselves, and this includes En-Net Services.

Understand Your Organization’s Security Needs

While keeping up with cyber security trends is important, it is crucial not to fall victim to each new fad. Taking advantage of industry reports and predictions could help you determine which technologies will be the next big thing and which are all talk. Also, it is important to understand which technologies will suit your organization’s needs the best to help avoid technological clutter within the workspace. En-Net Services can help out with this. Our cyber technology experts can train your organization to learn what they have to be on the lookout for. We at En-Net Services take all of the heavy lifting out of keeping up with the ever-changing cyber technology trends for you to experience new technology from the source.

En-Net Services Can Help Today

Experience a superior method of getting the public sector technology solutions you need through forming a partnership with En-Net Services. Our seasoned team members are familiar with the distinct purchasing and procurement cycles of state and local governments, as well as FederalK-12 education, and higher education entities. En-Net is a certified Maryland Small Business Reserve with contract vehicles and sub-contracting partnerships to meet all contracting requirements.

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