The Top 3 Management Challenges Many Have with Cloud Computing

The Top 3 Management Challenges Many Have with Cloud Computing

Many organizations don’t have a set solution to managing all of their data on the cloud securely.

Cloud computing is a beautiful form of technology that is practically a godsend for many organizations at this point. With the continually evolving technologies that exist, it can be challenging to manage all of your cloud data effectively. Organizations are trying everything, from increasing IT efficiency to simplifying operations and reducing costs. However, many organizations don’t have a set solution to managing all of their data on the cloud securely. That’s why we’re here to share a few of the best cloud computing management challenges that businesses need to be more cautious of and how to be smarter with their data going forward.


The more and more people that float to the cloud, the more likely that security threats increase – and they have. Hackers and cybercriminals are now attacking cloud computing storage at an alarming rate. This includes insider threats (both accidental and malicious), privileged user threats, and threats arising from possible compromised accounts. Wondering how to protect yourself? Begin auditing your Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or any other IaaS/PaaS configurations to jump onto misconfigurations before they even begin to open a hole in the integrity of your security base. It’s also wise to invest in data loss prevention policies for a sense of backup insurance.


Various companies deploy cloud systems without a real governance plan set, which then increases the risk of security breaks and inefficacy. This can result in a serious financial loss for your organization. Cloud computing and cloud governance are typically connected. Keeping track of your cloud management is crucial. Management and infrastructure planning can help diminish certain risks.


Another issue that your organization may face with improper cloud computing is not ensuring IT employees the proper expertise to manage their skills with the cloud. You might have to decide on whether or not to hire a brand-new team that is already familiar with cloud computing or to train your existing team. In the end, training your current team is less expensive, scalable, and quicker. Knowledge is all you need when transforming and shifting your business model to the cloud. Take the time to train your employees so they know what to look out for and consider hiring a professional to help out with any training programs.

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