The Top Risks of Using Outdated Technology

The Top Risks of Using Outdated Technology

Using outdated technology in your business practices comes with much bigger risks than just frustration and pain.

That spinning rainbow. The rotating hourglass. Or the constant barrage of pop-ups for a new update or patch. We’ve all been there before. At some point, we’ve all felt the frustrations of using outdated technology. Unfortunately, using outdated technology in your business practices comes with much bigger risks than just frustration and pain. Threats like malware can be avoided with properly updated technology. Read on to learn some of the top risks that will make you reconsider using outdated technology in your workplace.

Crashes + System Downtime

Crashes are a modern-day version of “the dog ate my homework.” However, this excuse has gone from being a standard fixture to being socially unacceptable for the most part. A big part of this new shift is due to the rise of cloud integration services, which can safely store all of your company data in remote systems that can’t be impacted by your usual computer crash. If crashes and system downtime prevents you from working remotely and supplying customers with what they want and expect, most will not hesitate to pull their business away. Therefore it’s so important to keep your business technology updated and in check.

Increased Costs

Outdated technology could be expensive to maintain. Its not that much different than keeping an old home or car, except that technology ages at a much quicker rate. In fact, it costs almost double to fix a system that’s four or more years old. This is all before you even consider the cost of employee time spent trying to fix old technology and making it work, rather than being productive on your work or outsourcing the job to an information technology company. Older technology usually uses more power than energy-efficient versions, which creates unnecessary extra overhead costs for your entire business. Nobody likes to feel like they do not have the right tools to succeed, so keeping up-to-date technology in your business can help employee satisfaction and morale very high.

Decreased Company Productivity

Time is a valuable aspect of running a business. You need to be productive while on the clock. Older technology runs slower, takes longer to complete tasks, and requires more time-consuming maintenance, updates, and patches in comparison to its counterparts. Decreased productivity can cost your company in both terms of revenue and return on investment. You get much more out of productive employees who have secure and updated technology than with ones who are struggling to get their tools working properly. By updating your company’s technology, you can help boost productivity with your employees, which will help in nearly every aspect of your business.

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