How Fiber Optic Technology Will Continue to Develop

How Fiber Optic Technology Will Continue to Develop

Fiber optic cables are expected to support multiple industries, as well as residential applications.

Modern companies increasingly demand quicker, more secure, and bigger capacity networks. Fiber optic technology will play a huge role in continuing this growth. Fiber optic cables are expected to support multiple industries, as well as residential applications. We expect fiber optic technology to continue developing in various ways in the next few years and beyond. Read on to learn more!

Fiber Optic Technology is Newer Projects

Cities all across the world are already starting to use fiber optic cables for communication needs. The Pacific Light Cable Network has plans to run 8,000 miles of fiber optic cables under the ocean from Los Angeles to Hong Kong. In order to meet the growing and rapid demands for bandwidth as more work and communications turn to online, fiber optic cables are becoming a real necessity. 5G wireless technology will also demand robust fiber-optic connections. While 5G is still new, phone companies have big plans to expand their 5G networks within the next couple of years.

Trends in Efficiency and Speed

Fiber optic technology continues to develop itself alongside the greater demands for efficiency and speed. There are a couple of developing fiber optic improvements, including:

  • WDM: which is wavelength division multiplexing. This increases both bandwidth capacity by allowing different carriers to transmit other optical signs.
  • AON: all-optical networks. This allows all data to be transmitted without any electrical processing, resulting in farther transmission devices.
  • ROF: radio over fiber. This type of technology allows for the transmission of radio frequencies through fiber optics. This could be used in the aviation industry and stadium construction, commercial construction projects, and other public works projects.
  • OAM: orbital angular momentum. This system forces light waves to twist in a spiral, increasing the ability to send information in a very scalable manner.

The Increased Demands for More Fiber Technology

The main reason businesses are quickly improving their fiber optic technology is that business owners and everyday people expect reliable and efficient transmission speed and quality. Over the next five or so years, citizens worldwide will be enjoying more video, social media, online gaming, and other services that need fast internet connectivity and security. As new inventions become more common, better needs for fiber optics will continue to present themselves. Because this fiber-optic technology is “future proof,” they’ll only become more relevant and useful to multiple parts of our everyday lives.

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