What Goes Down During a Cyber Attack?

What Goes Down During a Cyber Attack?

A lot happens during a cyber attack, and it can be confusing to know exactly what is going on.

Cyber threats are a pervasive threat in today’s interconnected world. However, have you ever wondered what really happens during cyber attacks on various networks. Can cyber security training and incident response training really help with the chaos and madness that follows a network breach? A lot happens during a cyber attack, and it can be confusing to know exactly what is happening. This is really why it is so important to learn about the nuances of a cyber attack. Today, we will break down exactly what happens during a cyber attack within your work’s network. Read on to learn what goes down and how to defend against one!

Mistakes Will Be Made

This could be stating the obvious a little, but it is still worth mentioning. During a state of panic triggered by a cyber attack, decisions will be made in a hurry. Facts are usually not communicated clearly with various stakeholders. Far too often, businesses that have been under attack fail to inform their regulators in time, which will lead to fines and a loss of business reputation. Once a cyber attack happens, if you have a trusted incident response plan set up and correct actions to fall back on, the chances of inadvertent or careless mistakes will be reduced during the data breach. Your staff will be informed and know what they should and should not do.

Crystal Clear Communication

Inconsistent communication is one other often-seen byproduct of your typical cyber attack. Because of charged emotions, mayhem, and chaos, communication threads during a crisis like this begin to become colored or corrupted with personal notions or prejudices. This must be avoided at all costs. Apart from adding more confusion, unclear communication could lead to even more damage or confusion to your company in the rare occurrence of a cyber attack. A proper network security plan could stop cybercriminals from breaching your system and make communication between you and your staff easier in the long run.

Protection of Evidence  

One of the most prevalent issues that emerge within incident responses is the removal of evidence. Important evidence of the cyber attack and the fact that it happened is typically deleted, either on purpose or by accident. The integrity of evidence is crucial for incident responses. It helps with the IT and security teams in helping understand the attack methodology and will help you figure out what might be done to help it from spiraling entirely out of control and for preventing similar scenarios from ever happening again. Make sure your staff has the training to know how to handle this.

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