Common and Obscure Types of Cyber Security Threats

Common and Obscure Types of Cyber Security Threats

You might not be aware of how many different types of cyber security attacks and threats there are.

Cyber security professionals are continually defending computer systems against various types of cyber threats. Cyber attacks hit companies and private systems every single day, and the variation of attacks has increased dramatically. There are primarily two types of companies, those that have been attacked and those who do not know that they’ve been hacked. There are many motives for cyber attacks, one being money. Cybercriminals might take a system offline and demand payment to restore its overall functionality. Ransomware, which is an attack that requires payments to restore services, is now smarter than ever. You might not be aware of how many different types of cyber security attacks and threats there are. Read on to learn so much more about some of the common and obscure types of cyber security threats.


Malware is a malicious software, like ransomware, spyware, worms, and viruses. Malware is activated once a user clicks on any malicious links or attachments, which can lead to installing harmful software. Malware, once activated, is able to:

  • Block access to crucial network components
  • Install extra harmful software
  • Covertly obtain information by transmitting data to the hard drive
  • Disrupt individual parts, making your system inoperable


Phishing attacks use a lot of fake communication, like an email, to trick the receiver into opening it up and carrying out the instructions inside, like providing a credit card number. The primary goal is to steal sensitive data like credit card or login information or to install malware on the victim’s computer.

Denial of Service

A denial of service, which is known as DoS, is a kind of cyber attack that floods a network or computer so it cannot respond to requests. A distributed DoS will do the same thing, but the attack originates from a computer network. Cyber attackers typically use a flood attack to disrupt the handshake process to carry out a DoS attack. Various techniques might be used, and a few cyber attackers use the time that a network is disabled to launch other kinds of attacks. A botnet is a kind of DDoS in which millions of systems are able to be infected with malware and controlled by hackers. Botnets, which are known as zombie systems, target and overwhelm the target’s processing capabilities. Botnets are in a few different geographic locations and can be hard to trace.

Password Attacks

With the right kind of password, a cyber attacker has access to a wealth of various information. Social engineering is an intricate type of password attack that cyber attackers rely heavily on human interaction and involves tricking a few people into breaking standard security practices. Make sure you’re constantly updating your passwords, so this doesn’t happen to you or your company’s employees.

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