What is IaaS, and How Does It Benefit Your Business?

What is IaaS, and How Does It Benefit Your Business?

IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service, is a business model where companies rent out cloud computing and storage servers.

As digitalization keeps integrating into industry after industry, the “everything as a service” business model has been one of the most critical shifts. By reducing the need for owning any high-cost and high-maintenance technology, the possibility to subscribe for hosted software, infrastructure, and platforms is changing the way companies operate. IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service, is a business model where companies rent out cloud computing and storage servers. This way, users can now run operating systems and applications on the servers without worrying about maintenance of costs related to them. Read on to learn more about IaaS and its benefits for your business!

How Does IaaS Work?

Infrastructure as a Service is a kind of cloud computing providing computing resources all over the internet. IaaS is the name of one of the three main categories of cloud computing services. The other two are Software as a Service and Platform as a Service (SaaS and PaaS, respectively). Infrastructure as a Service means that the infrastructure is hosted on the public or private cloud instead of a server on the premises. It is delivered to customers on-demand and is fully managed by your IaaS provider. This will include all infrastructure components an on-premises data center would usually entail, like servers, networking hardware, and space or storage. Usually, the IaaS provider will also provide a range of services to complement those components, like detailed billing, monitoring, security, and clustering. Backup and recovery processes are also included. You might be wondering what the business benefits are, and they include:

More Focus on Core Problems

IaaS allows your development team to focus more on your core business and value-adding activities than infrastructure and computing resources.

Increased Scalability and Reduced Rate of Risk

IaaS enables companies to scale and shrink their resources and technology in accordance with their ever-changing needs. When the workload changes suddenly, you can adjust your usage and all of your costs.

Quicker to the Market

With IaaS, vast or small amounts of resources can be provisioned very quickly. This means brand new ideas can be tested, scaled, and implemented quickly.

Reduced Capital Commitment and a Lower Cost

IaaS eliminates the need for higher, up-front capital expenditures and unnecessary “owned” infrastructure. It is more cost-efficient than owning and managing all of your own infrastructures. The Pay-as-you-Go model will mean both lower costs and also lower risk.

Improved Performance and Security

IaaS providers guarantee things like uptime or performance in the service-level agreement. This is insurance against any costly downtime and eliminates the need to manually support or manage physical servers in data centers.

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