What Makes up Network Infrastructure and What Is Its Function?

What Makes up Network Infrastructure and What Is Its Function?

Without the proper network infrastructure set in place, you could suffer from poor user experience and security problems.

In today’s digital age, an organization’s agility and productivity depend on much more than just hardworking employees and the right equipment. Running a smooth operation does require clean, robust, and secure network infrastructure. Without the proper network infrastructure set in place, you could suffer from poor user experience and security problems that could impact your employee’s productivity, cost you money and hurt your brand. As such, it is crucial for company executives to understand the importance of network infrastructure and to be aware of the many opportunities and challenges that it presents. With this knowledge and the proper tools in place, you are taking the right steps to ensuring productivity and helping your company maintain optimal levels of performance. Read on to learn what network infrastructure means and what it helps with!

Defining Network Infrastructure  

Network infrastructure refers to all of the many resources of a network that make internet connections, management, business operations, and communication all possible. Network infrastructure comprises software and hardware, systems and devices, and enables communication and computing between services, users, processes, and applications. Anything involved with the network, from servers to wireless routers, all come together to make up a system’s infrastructure. Network infrastructure also allows for effective communication and service between applications, users, services, devices, and more.

Centralizing Traffic

Within a company, there are usually different subnets and locations or sites. Without one centralized hub, network visibility, monitoring and management can become next to impossible. A lot of companies use network infrastructure solutions to help centralize traffic to better understand or monitor data traveling throughout their networks. This enhances their security posture and helps network operations teams address performance problems better.

Handling Duplicate Data

In certain cases, duplicate data can compromise over half of network traffic. Removing duplicate data is crucial, especially when it comes to the effectiveness of network security solutions. If the security solutions get way too much duplicate data, they might be slowed down and less effective at noticing any threats.

Sending the Correct Data to the Right Tools

A lot of organizations use various different cyber security tools and providers at once. Most security providers often charge based on how much data they have to process. As such, sending the right kind of data to the right tool is crucial for infrastructure. Sending data from various sources all to the same tool may be costly and ineffective, mainly if one tool is better suited to the one kind of data and another tool to one other type.

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