Cybersecurity Threats for State and Local Governments

Cybersecurity Threats for State and Local Governments

Keeping IT networks secure is even more critical for State and Local governments and contractors.

With the use of technology becoming essential to doing business, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Keeping IT networks secure is even more critical for State and Local governments and contractors. These facilities don’t always hold top-secret information, but it still needs to remain protected. Personal information such as driving records, personal identification details, voter registration information, and more, are all accessible by these agencies. Hackers could easily exploit any cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Understanding The Threat

Over 66% of cities throughout the United States have adopted “smart city” devices. Street lights, traffic signals, and speed cameras are all using “smart” technology in many cities. Even water treatment facilities use network-based systems in order to function properly, and hackers have already made attempts to infiltrate them. In 2013, a breach in cybersecurity at a dam in Rye, NY almost resulted in hackers gaining control of the floodgates. Fortunately, the attack was stopped before any damage occurred.

Threats from Inside

Security breaches often happen unintentionally. Phishing emails make employees think that they are clicking on a legitimate link or download. Such threats are preventable, but unfortunately, they can’t always be blocked altogether. Training your staff on spotting disingenuous messages can go a long way toward making sure your network stays secure.

Keeping Up with Regulations

Data security is more important now than it has ever been. With technology everywhere, anything could be vulnerable. Not only does it keep sensitive information protected, but when you’re talking about traffic signals and flood gate controls, it becomes a public safety issue as well. Federal and state regulations are changing to require modern, intensive security measures.

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