The Connection Between Your Smartphone And Your Television

Learn more about the connection between your smartphone and your television.

Learn more about the connection between your smartphone and your television.

How often do you see an ad for a mobile game that looks fun and your download it without a second thought? Most people do. After all, what harm could it do, and the game is a good way to pass the time. Not all of these games are as innocent as they seem, however, and they can create an unsettling connection between your phone and your TV. In this day and age, we have to always be aware of potential cybersecurity threats, not just at work but on our personal devices as well. You may be inclined to simply write off the threats of these apps as unimportant, but you need to be aware of them and the threat they pose.

Listening Programs

Some gaming apps come with secondary software that runs in the background. One example of this is called Alphonso, a program that listens to what you watch through your phone’s microphone, while another is Silverpush, a program that scans for inaudible sounds embedded in commercials. The apps don’t even need to be open for this to happen since the programs are secondary and run in the background. This data is collected and sold to advertisers or simply used to direct more targeted ads directly to your smartphone.

Phones As Second Screens

Many people today do much of their TV viewing on phones, tablets, and other devices. This is another way that your viewing habits can be tracked and tabulated into sellable data. The data can even be associated with your IP address which might, in turn, be associated with other demographic information about you and your family.

Internet-Connected TVs

Finally, remember that your TV itself may also be able to connect to the internet, and subsequently send information out over the internet. This is another way that your viewing habits can be tracked. The software on the TV may also track what you record and access on-demand. All of this data is valuable to advertisers because it will help them to better target their ads to you.

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