Ways We are Tricked into Costly Cyber Attacks

Ways We are Tricked into Costly Cyber Attacks

Between social media and other golden nuggets of information, hackers have what they need for tricky cyber-attacks.

So, just how are hackers actually able to penetrate the systems of large businesses? Look no further than employee behavior, but not as an inside job, but innocent employees being tricked by the cybercriminals. The most common reason for any security breach in a company is due to employee actions. One thing that has made it easy to trick employees into giving up essential information is the information that employees share on social media about their job. Sometimes people freely post things all day about their company matters or other details that a hacker could use to compromise the company. What may seem like innocuous information, like referring to their company wig by a nickname, could lead to a form of social engineering. This is a method of tricking users into believing the request is real, so the user gives up information. Between social media and other golden nuggets of information, hackers have what they need for tricky cyber-attacks. Read on to learn more!


This word has plenty of negative connotations, but the truth is, a lot of employees are ignorant to cybersecurity risks. IT professionals all around the world name this as a huge issue. Some helpful tips to prevent cyber trickery include:

  • Do not ever click on links inside emails, regardless of the sender.
  • Do not open an attachment or download files from senders you do not know or only know a little bit about.
  • Don’t ever visit a website on the job that you would not visit in public. These websites could be riddled with malware and other potentially dangerous viruses.


This is a bit of an extension of the first point. The more gullible and naive an employee is, the more apt to click on a link inside of an email or do other risky things that could compromise their company’s network security. Some tips include:

  • Phishing or sending a trick email, designed to lure in an unsuspecting recipient into visiting a malicious website or opening up a malicious attachment. Even executives in certain businesses could be fooled as phishing masters are truly the masters of their craft.
  • Phishing is one of the hacker’s most preferred tools since the trick is directed right at humans and not computers.
  • Move your cursor over it to see its actual destination to check if a link will take you to a phishing site. Keep in mind that these hackers can still make their link look like a real destination, so watch out for any misspellings or bad grammar too.

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