How an Unorganized Server Room Can Cost You

How an Unorganized Server Room Can Cost You

Whether it is big or small, your server room has to be kept organized and clean

Each company requires a server room for its extensive network connectivity and security. This room might be closet-sized or the size of a whole room. Whether it is big or small, your server room has to be kept organized and clean. If it isn’t, then your network connections could suffer, and you might be more vulnerable to network downtime that costs your company more money and productivity. The experts from En-Net Services can help install the necessary cabling that keeps your company’s server room neat and your network running effectively. Read on to learn why a neat and organized server room is so important!

Accessibility to the Room

When your servers do go down, you have to get them back up and running as soon as you can. Any network downtime is business and money lost for the day. If you have any cords or unused pieces of equipment lying around the server room, it can be hard to navigate the discover the issue. A structured cabling system uses cord ties and labels to make everything more clear. This way, you can find the cables you’re looking for without creating a bigger mess.

Fire Hazards in the Server Room

Electronics will become hot when they’re used for long periods. This is true for your company’s servers too, and when you have various server units stacked up next to each other, the warmth is built up. When mixed with human error and insufficient airflow, this could lead to a fire hazard. Your cable installers will help you avoid any fire hazards by removing any unnecessary equipment and keeping servers and cables contained and separate from one another.

Wear and Tear on IT Equipment

As you use them more and more, your company’s servers wear down just like any other type of equipment. To reduce this wear and tear, you’re able to keep your server room cooled off by using fans. Your servers should also be stacked up correctly. If the server room is cluttered and messy, your severs can wear down a lot quicker and require costly maintenance and replacements sooner.

While working with a fiber optic installation service, like En-Net, you can benefit from these professionals’ expertise regarding the correct care and organization of your network cables. A clean and proper server room can significantly improve the reliability and safety of your fiber cables and network servers.

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