Are These Cyber-Security Myths Legitimate?

Are These Cyber-Security Myths Legitimate?

To stay safe from cyber-security threats, you must be able to tell fact from fiction.

To stay safe from cyber-security threats, you must be able to tell fact from fiction. Hackers, cyber-crime, and suspicious online activity are at an all-time high, and knowing how to defend against it is one massive challenge in itself. Multiple companies have lost countless personal records thanks to hackers within the last few years, which has led to a significant loss of money to deal with these cyber-attacks. There are a lot of myths surrounding cyber-security. Here’s some advice on how to ensure you, your employees, and your company that you’re safe moving forward.

Small Company = No Real Risk?

If you’re running a smaller company, you might be thinking that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Why would a hacker target a smaller company when there are larger enterprises that might have more money? You might believe that because your company is just small fish in a big pond with not as much to offer as larger businesses, you might be in the clear. This does not matter to a hacker. Hackers are intelligent, and they’re getting smarter with every passing day. Phishing, ransomware, and other hacking techniques typically go after smaller businesses, as they’re most likely NOT to have any form of cyber-security plan. Educate your employees on how to defend against cyber-crime, cyber-security is no joke.

Cyber-Security Technology is Unbeatable

Lots of people think that just because they have a cyber-security solution that is continuously updated and configured correctly, that they have nothing to worry about. This myth is false, as hackers can break past these defenses. Hacker attacks like ransomware are so effective because they trick users who aren’t informed about the latest hacking techniques. Therefore, as a company, you should prioritize cyber-security education for all your employees, especially those dealing with data security. User error is something that happens all too often, and it can be the reason your entire network gets hacked. Make sure data handlers at your company undergo proper security compliance training to prevent any future issues.

Cyber-security is “Too Pricey”

Sadly, for some businesses, their owners may recognize that their organization could be a potential target for a cyber-attack, but they often believe they lack the funds and resources to defend against it. This is a common misconception that all business owners need to be educated about. Think about the overall consequences if you don’t install a form of cyber-security. This includes damage to your business reputation, hefty legal fees, damaging regulatory penalties, and possible lost clients, to name a few.

Prioritize cyber-security issues if you are a business owner, it will help substantiality in the long run.

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